For us, the hard turning technology represents an extension of the technical possibilities for hard fine machining.


For high-precision machining of hardened workpieces, this type of machine is an interesting alternative to the cylindrical grinding machine. The reasons for this are a number of economic and technical advantages, such as shorter setting, changeover and cycle times, machining of internal and external contours in a single setup, often in combination with thread cutting. Dimensional and shape accuracy is equivalent to that of cylindrical grinding machines.


The Hembrug Mikroturn 100s hard turning machine can be used for high-precision hard turning of various components in the tolerance range of 2 µm. In addition, the machine has the capability to also turn special thread profiles with a total pitch error of less than 3µm and a contact angle variation of less than 3°.


Also possible are combined, high-precision internal and external machining of hardened (stainless) steel grades.


Machines & Dimensions Hard Turning

Hard Turning Machine

1x Hembrug Mikroturn 100s

Dimensions Hard Turning

Max. Diameter 200 mm
Max. Lenth 350 mm

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