Grinding operations in µm tolerances are one of our strengths. With the use of state-of-the-art grinding machines, we guarantee high-precision and economical grinding part production. Our air-conditioned production workshop creates the optimum environment for stable processes. With over 40 years of experience, long-standing employees, continuous investments in machine technology and our large vertical range of manufacture, we are the right partner.

External grinding

The foundations for external grinding in the µm range are set before the actual manufacturing step. After heat treatment, which most of our parts undergo, a straightening process and a carefully performed centering of the workpieces are carried out first, depending on the component shape and condition. Only now the parts are ready to be fine-machined on our modern CNC external cylindrical grinding machines.

In addition to hardened case-hardened and tool steels, aluminum or brass are also machined. Our core competencies include the grinding of bearing seats on high-speed spindles used in machine tools with the tightest dimensional and roundness tolerances.

Another focus is the grinding of special sealing seats with non-twisting requirements. We have been working intensively in this field for years. With the most modern measuring technology, twist measurements are carried out and documented for our customers.

Bore grinding


On high-precision universal internal cylindrical grinding machines from renowned Swiss manufacturers, combined internal and external machining is possible, among other things. This guarantees the best possible run of different fits to each other while at the same time providing high economic efficiency.

Special requirements are the machining of interfaces of the high-speed spindles. Here we manufacture, among other things, special taper/taper connections as well as HSK interfaces. In order to be able to grind every grinding task and every material under the optimum conditions, we work with CBN grinding wheels as well as with high-grade corundum. For cooling the process, we can choose between classic emulsion cooling and oil cooling, depending on the task.

Thread Grinding

Thread grinding completes our service portfolio for the production of rotationally symmetrical components. Ground threads are a basic requirement for high-precision spindle production. We grind metric threads up to tolerance class 4 and customer-specific contours using the  plunge-cut method. All thread gauges and measuring equipment used are permanently monitored and subject to calibration service.

Surface Grinding

Cubic components with very high surface requirements and tight dimensional and positional tolerances require fine machining of the functional surfaces. With surface grinding, we offer our customers a precise and economical manufacturing process for this purpose. We are experienced in machining a wide range of materials from hardened case-hardened and tool steels to stainless steels and aluminum.
Depending on the geometry, stress condition and material, clamping on the magnetic plate may not be practical. For these cases we have vacuum equipment, vices and dividing heads. In in-house production we also develop part-specific fixtures in the shortest possible time.

Machines & Dimensions Grinding

4 CNC External Grinding Machines

1x Kellenberger 1000 CNC
1x Kellenberger KEL–VARIA 1500
1x Kellenberger KEL–VIVA
1x Kellenberger KEL–VERA


2 conventional external Grinding Machines

1x Kellenberger 100U
1x Kellenberger 600U – 125

Dimensions External Grinding

3 bis400 mm
1500 mm length

4 CNC Bore Grinding Machines

1x Studer S141
1x Studer CT960
1x Studer CT550
1x Voumard 150 CNC

2 conventional
Bore Grinding Machines

2x Voumard 203

Dimensions Bore Grinding

∅ 3mm bis ∅ 220mm
max. Bore Depth 250mm
max. length 650mm 

Thread grinding machines

1x Reishauer NRK
1x Reishauer US

Dimensions Thread Grinding

Pitch 0,5-2,5
Diameter M5- M150
40 mm max. Length of Thread

Surface Grinding

1x ABA Ecoline 1006
Geibel&Hotz FS635 Z SL

Dimensions Surface Grinding

Lenth max. 1000 mm
Width max. 600 mm
Height max. 400 mm

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